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Visitors Insurance, buy from India or USA?

If your relatives or parents are traveling from India to USA, a good question asked by many is whether to buy visitor insurance from India or from USA. The answer is not simple and many factors are needed to be considered before making an informed choice. At first review, many Indian-based insurance companies may present a considerable cheaper visitor insurance India quotes for a plan with same specifications; however, several other issues are necessary consideration when purchasing visitor medical insurance from an Indian or other foreign based company.

To help you navigate and make an informed choice of where to buy – India or USA, a review of the the important considerations when selecting visitors insurance are discussed below:
1. Coverage Acceptability: The prime reason to purchase a good visitor insurance for elder relatives or parents visiting USA is to have the necessary benefits and features accepted and available for use at USA based hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, physician doctor clinics or other care giver settings. If this fundamental acceptability is questioned or disputed by these healthcare providers in the case of out-of-country plans such as Indian visitor insurance, you might have to run pillar to post to prove the credibility. American visitor insurance plans are widely accepted by providers in the US and worldwide.
2. Regulatory Jurisdiction: This is a very important consideration in the event of a disputed claim. The insurance regulatory environment is not developed in India compared to the United States, whereby you as an aggrieved consumer might not get the necessary support from Indian insurance regulators, whereas US-based insurance providers are fully regulated and any claim related disputes are handled as set by rules. Further, Indian insurance regulations might not be able to protect your rights as an insured when you are traveling in a US jurisdiction. A USA based insurance company can be a better choice, since it is regulated by robust and time-tested U.S. insurance regulations.
3. Limited benefit plans: Most of the Indian visitor insurance providers offer limited or fixed benefit coverage visitor insurance plans, whereas USA based plan providers feature comprehensive coverage with a choice of plans to select from.
4. Cashless Direct Billing: With India based plans, a USA based hospital or doctor mostly do not recognize foreign insurance plans for treatment or care received in the United States. As such, cashless direct billing feature typically included in USA based plans is not available in India based plans, and you might be required to pay upfront and file the claim later with your insurance provider in India for reimbursement. However, claim processing in India is very slow and inefficient due to administrative and other difficulties, leaving you waiting a long time to get your money back.
5. Customer case and support: If you need immediate assistance with regards to confirming your enrollment or even if a certain procedure or condition is covered or not, connecting with customer support of an Indian insurance provider might be difficult as many do not offer 24/7 support which is further limited by different time zones. Being in the US time zone helps as doctors or hospitals can quickly get the question answered and confirming your policy. This could further delay care at the time of need.
6. Plan Renewability: USA visitor insurance plans can be renewed online prior to expiration, and most Indian insurance providers do not offer renewable policies. It is very important to renew the insurance plan if your parent or relative extends his or her stay in America.
7. Policy Cancellation: USA based plan are generally cancelable prior to expiration due to valid reason such as a family members return to India earlier than anticipated. Many Indian plans are not cancellable or refundable, leading to losing the premium costs incurred to purchase the policy.
8. Company Experience: Many of the US based visitor insurance providers have been offering the same plans for decades, they have built tremendous knowledge with regards to the plan features, claims handling, customer support. On the other hand, Indian insurance providers are relatively new to the field, they might not be able to provide you with comparable support.

With a through review of each of the above mentioned points, it is prudent and strongly recommended you to purchase a reputed USA-based visitors insurance for travel to USA. Always review and buy the best travel insurance for visitors to USA from a US based provider as all claims are handled in the United States only. has several comprehensive coverage and cost-effective plans that allow you to enjoy your visit while traveling outside home country, and provide the necessary peace of mind knowing that you are protected for costs encountered during travel medical emergencies.

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Visitor Medical Insurance for Visitors from India

Visitor insurance for parents, in-laws, elderly friends or senior relatives visiting USA from India even for short term is absolutely needed to protect from medical mishaps and accidental injuries while visiting America. Visitors from India who plan on visiting USA and Indian travelers who are visiting other foreign country such as UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, UAE, etc. in this present day and age cannot afford to ignore the importance and the significant need for good visitor medical insurance coverage. Visitor health insurance providers all over the world have designed various kinds of visitor insurance plans to suit the medical insurance requirements and offer protection and coverage for Indian visitors to USA depending on their individual needs and concerns. Visitors to USA from India, especially senior parents and other aged relatives or friends, can purchase visitor insurance for USA visitors from India as these plans are designed by private insurance companies to cover these visiting individuals and families in the United States.

The visitors insurance carriers have designed visitor medical insurance plans keeping in mind some of the criteria like age and gender of the insured, duration of coverage, maximum benefit amount, etc. by the visitors from different parts of the globe including India. Medical insurance for visitors to USA from India is a crucial since the health care system in North America is very expensive. The medical benefits such as regular hospitalization, emergency medical evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment, repatriation of mortal remains, etc. are covered under visitor insurance for visitors to USA from India.

If you are an Indian national visiting USA or any traveler from across the globe visiting India, visitor medical insurance plan is a must and should always be considered as useful. The visitors insurance coverage benefits and visitor insurance premium costs vary by carrier or insurer. To understand the details of India visitor insurance plans, Indian travelers can compare quotes at Always review and buy the best travel insurance for Indian parents visiting USA from a US based provider as all claims are handled in the United States only. After choosing the right and best visitor insurance plan for your exact need, the purchase process can be completed online to instantly recieve an e-policy and virtual ID cards right in your email inbox or a paper ID card to your postal mailbox.

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Health Insurance for Parents Visiting from India

Are your senior parents visiting you in USA or any other nation outside their home country? Do they have adequate coverage during their stay in USA or elsewhere? If they do not have health, accident and sickness coverage in the visiting country, you need affordable health insurance for parents visiting from India.

A visitor medical insurance plan needs to be purchased for your parents since immigrants and visitors are not eligible to for local health insurance plans. Also, a proper visitors insurance plan helps maintain the legal status and validity of the visa of your parents. These plans are a great help in case of any medical emergencies and claiming is a very easy and simple process.

The best time to buy a visitor health insurance for your parents is when the entire trip has been planned out and the visa papers are all in order. This is critical because it often happens that one buys insurance plans and later because of some visa problems, the trip gets canceled or postponed. This becomes an unnecessary financial burden on you because once an insurance policy is purchased and later you want to withdraw from it, there will be only a few companies who will refund you money. They may also deduct some fees and may demand a notice for the refund. Other companies may also decline your request for refund upfront. Hence, the policy should be purchased when everything else is in place.

To buy a right insurance plan can be a tough task with so many companies targeting around you with their visitor insurance products that are difficult to understand. It is advisable to seek help from online guides and insurance agents so that you do not end up selecting a wrong policy later. There are various tings that one shall have to consider like deductibles, coverage, benefits etc. Read the policy document carefully and ensure that unexpected events are met with. Benefits associated with a health insurance plan for parents generally include intensive care, hospitalization expenses, surgery, ambulance services etc.

It is a wise option to buy a short term health insurance plan from a insurance corporation of USA rather than the native country, despite the fact that the premium from the former is more expensive than the latter, because many doctors and hospitals in the U.S. are reluctant to accept overseas insurance cards since processing their bills from them can pose difficulties.

Buying the right travel medical insurance for yourself or parents visiting you not only helps them stay safe on the foreign land but also keeps your worries away. provides a range of visitor insurance plans to suit varied needs. Their short term travel health insurance and travel insurance plans prove to be an asset when you are on a foreign land. Thus, it is important to find a health insurance plan for your parents well in advance to ensure that your parents have a pleasant experience visiting USA or another nation.