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Visitor Insurance: Get Plan Quotes and Buy Coverage Online

If you are planning to visit USA or travel across national borders to any overseas destination anytime in the near future, you need to make sure that purchasing a visitor insurance plan for the entire duration of stay outside your home country is of utmost priority and should be at the top of your planning list. In life, there is hardly anything that counts more important than your health, or even the health of a family member such as relatives or parents visiting you, or the traveler could also be a business partner who needs to visit America for a short-term duration.

Visitor Insurance Plan for Visiting USA

When considering to purchase a visitor insurance plan, consider the expertise of an insurance agent from There are many visitor insurance providers that offer a bevy of travel medical and visitor health insurance plan offerings, you want to make sure that the policy you select includes all the features that you require and also within your set budget. Many insurance provider companies offer comprehensive visitor insurance plans that include health coverage along with other types of added travel benefits that is included in the same policy.

Visitors Insurance Coverage for Visiting USA

It also makes sense to review specific plans for specific types of travel circumstances, such as policies for visitors to USA, international students, guest workers, leisure travelers, etc. Be sure to find out if the plan will cover your specific circumstances and the visa type you are traveling under. Also check if the visitor insurance coverage policy may include any required coverage such as for complications in pregnancy, coverage for your children, or treatment for pre-existing conditions during an acute or sudden relapse. If you are going on a long trip, you may also consider a visitor insurance plan that offer access to preventative check-ups and possibly dental or mental health coverage.

Buy Visitors Insurance for Visiting USA

Before final purchase of any particular visitor insurance plan, make sure you understand all the fine print and details abould plan exclusions and policy features as stated in the schedule of benefits. Also make sure that the visitor insurance plan covers all the visiting countries, along with list of providers who will honor the insurance in case of a medical emergency. Make a note about set maximum amounts for medical evacuation and treatment needed for severe accidents or routine illnesses. Finally, determine if the third party plan administrator is easily reachable if you need to communicate, even across national borders, various time zones, or different language barriers.

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Visitor Medical Insurance Overview

Visitor medical insurance is a highly recommended form of travel health insurance required especially for visitors to USA or any foreign country. With the increase in travel to the United States, visitor insurance USA is highly recommended considering the cost associated with healthcare in USA.

To have a safe and worry-free overseas vacation, travel, holiday or extended stay in USA or in any foriegn country, it is important that one is adequately covered with accident and sickness insurance coverage from a reputed visitor health insurance provider. The premiums collected by the insurance company provider will pay for the injured or sick visitors medical bills if needed during your visit to a foreign country. The comprehensive plans typically cover the visitor with medical evacuation benefits in case of prolonged sickness in the visiting country. The visitor remains covered under the visitors health insurance plan until the individual or family is paying the premium costs. The usefulness of the visitor insurance plan is calculated on the basis of the method with which you subscribe to it. Siblings, relatives or friends in hosting the visitor can sign up for a plan for parents, family or friends visiting abroad.

Visitor medical insurance is best purchased from the country you are planning to visit. The main reason being it is advantageous to the traveler to obtain a locally networked visitor medical insurance plan as they have in-network billing through a recognized preferred provider network (PPO). Also it is advantageous that the visitor joins a plan from a company who has office or center in the country which is to be visited.

Though the premiums for such countries are higher (than plans offered by providers in home country), such plans are a better choice because of the convenience of claiming for your compensation directly in the country visiting. The reason why it is convenient is that the doctors or hospitals in that country accept the insurance cards of companies having centers in their country.

The doctors and clinics are generally reluctant to accept the cards of some other country or certain medical institutes may not be familiar or associated with your native insurance providers. It becomes easy for the hospitals and clinics to get in touch with the native office if any problem regarding insurance policy arises. The same thing would be difficult or even impossible if the insurance have been purchased in a foreign land.

Once visitors medical insurance is purchased, the insurance holder is given an identification card that needs to be displayed at the time of seeking medical assistance from a hospital or doctor. The visitor health insurance company will furnish such a clinic or hospital with written instructions for the likely medical expenses that can be claimed under the policy.

After this any claim that you make, will be evaluated by the insurance company and it will make the hospital or clinic appropriate payments on your behalf. Some companies also cover injuries under visitor medical insurance which you may have to bear because of accidents, war or terrorist activities. Depending upon the plan, the companies may either reimburse the costs you incur during the treatment or it can also directly pay your bills at the concerned clinic or hospital.

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Reasons to Obtain Visitor Health Insurance

The way visitor medical insurance plans are designed and works can be difficult to understand for somebody outside the insurance industry. There are several plans, each with different range of maximum coverages, deductibles and limitations. Selecting one policy over another can be confusing. At we provide utilities that so that you compare objectively information about different major insurance plans, and purchase a plan that you feel to be most appropriate. Using, customers can easily compare visitor insurance plans, obtain free insurance quotes, and buy online for instant plan directly using a credit card with our visitor insurance comparison tool.

US visitors health insurance, also known as visitors medical insurance, is absolutely required while traveling to countries like United States of America (USA), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Europe etc. It can be financially catastrophic in the event of a medical emergency while traveling in these advanced countries due to some of the many reasons we have highlighted below.

  • Visitors and new immigrants are not eligible for local health insurance plan
  • Health insurance is required to maintain legal visa status, such as US J Visa, F1 Student Visa
  • Hospital costs in developed countries like USA, Canada, UK, are not inexpensive
  • Get visitor insurance to help pay for unexpected doctor/hospital bills
  • De-risk yourself & protect your family to have a worry-free stay abroad
  • Immediate medical help in case of a medical emergency during visit abroad
  • Simple claims procedure directly with the insurance provider, who will also assist you

The traveler outside home country will reduce the financial dangers rising from any unforeseen accidents or medical emergency by purchasing visitor medical insurance. has developed online tools that will allow you to get free visitor medical insurance quotes, clearly comprehend insurance terminology in the insurance glossary, and review the answers to frequently asked questions regarding visitor insurance. Customers can also contact us regarding any visitor insurance related queries. At, we try to provide you with all the relevant information in an easily understandable manner. Our products range from the most affordable to the most comprehensive and visitors/travelers can select plans according to their individual preference. We provide professional customer servive for visitor medical health insurance, global health insurance and immigrant insurance.

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Best Quoted Rates for Visitor Insurance Premiums

The most vital aspect of any travel planning, if the journey essentially involves visiting USA and other western nations, it to get visitor insurance coverage for protection of the visitors health from medical emergencies. Many tend to disregard the importance of such coverage and it could be risky to think of not purchasing a policy, as you might not use it. However, no one can predict when anyone will fall sick or may be injured and this is especially true if elder relatives or parents visiting USA are in a new environment and surroundings in the host nation.

Visitor medical insurance is available at affordable premium cost, customers can get the best quoted rates and can benefit from the plan features, irrespective of the choice of comprehensive medical coverage plan or fixed medical condition care policy. It is important to familiarize yourself with the different types of insurance policies that are available, and to ensure that you read the fine print of each policy available in the plan brochure.

Once the deductible is met and the coinsurance portion is paid, comprehensive plans usually provide coverage up to the plan maximum selected. Make sure that if you have any pre-existing conditions, when choosing a plan, you should also try and find a plan that covers for you for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. An analysis on the policy will help you decide as well to help you from choosing an unreasonable policy, and finding a plan that best meets your exact needs per your requirements.

Visitors health insurance policies helps you to pay for health care and also find medical assistance in case of a accident or injury while as a short-term visitor in USA or in any foreign country. Also, whilst travelling to any foreign land, the plan also aids in overcoming financial disasters on medical cases, and helps combat the medical bills that follow such events. Visitor medical insurance is now an integral part of ones travel plans given the expensive health care costs in America. Buy visitors insurance to cope with financial crisis in case of a medical emergency, and get the peace of mind that you absolutely need to enjoy your visit.

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Lowest Price Guaranteed on Visitors Insurance Premiums

Visitor insurance plan premiums are the quoted cost you pay on application to purchase or buy coverage for any visitors medical insurance plan. Different plans have different quoted premium costs based on many visitor insurance cost factors such as age, gender, country visited, benefits provided, riders to the policy, and type of policy coverage. However, for the same branded plan, with all other variables being the same also, the quoted premium cost is the lowest price guaranteed available and provided to you as an insurance client or customer, wheather you buy the policy through any agent, broker, or the insurance provider company agency. The reason being that insurance prices are regulated by law and cannot be rebated or discounted by any provider, thereby presenting a fixed price for quoted insurance premiums.

If you, a relative or a friend is visiting or traveling outside his or her home country, it is always prudent even if is not mandatory or required to buy an affordable low cost visitors health insurance plan that covers the visitor for medical emergencies, sickness and accidental injury during the visit in any foreign country including the United States. To learn more about visitors medical insurance and how to choose a good trave medical insurance policy can help in terms of travel insurance coverage options, to compare visitor insurance plan benefits, or find health care providers who are part of the plan PPO network, visit us at online.

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Visitor Insurance for Visitors to USA

Visitors insurance is one of the best ways available for foreign nationals as visitors to USA to obtain health coverage and medical protection necessary, making their travel to America safe and worry-free. Travelers from any part of the world visiting USA must purchase insurance for visitors to USA to deal with the high cost of health care system here in USA. The US consulate recommends all travelers to the United States to purchase adequate visitor health insurance for USA visitors. The visitors insurance cannot guarantee financial assistance in every case, but a broad array of sickness/injury including medical emergency is covered during the duration of stay. US insurance companies have custom designed visitor insurance for USA visitors of all age groups and nationalities.

How Visitor Insurance Plan Works

Visitors who purchase visitor medical insurance while travelling to the USA need to be aware how the plan works. The visitors insurance plan purchased will be legitimate and would be good at any doctor or hospital in the US or anywhere outside the insureds home country. That said, it will be up to the doctor or hospital whether they will deal directly with the visitors insurance company or make you submit the visitors insurance claim. What could have happened is the client wished to have direct billing and no provider would do so. A call to the insurance company may have solved this issue. The refusal to direct bill could be for several reasons, but most likely because they will likely not have heard of the particular policy or IPA network of practitioners the client visited for care, since they likely do not get many non-US citizens or residents in their offices. However, they may have heard of the PPO network used by the company (we often try to point this out to our clients) and we are not sure if the client used these lists or if there were such providers in their area. Even after these actions, some provider may not want to do direct billing, in which case you can file a claim with the insurance provider.

Need for Visitors Insurance Coverage

When planning a trip to the United States, it is essential that USA visitors or international travelers to America have a qualified visitor insurance for USA plan in case of illness, medical emergency or an accident/sickness in USA. offers many choices for short-term coverage with low prices, best benefits, in different coverage categories, all supported with extensive online resources and exceptional customer service.

Best Visitor Insurance USA

Below are the visitor insurance suggestions based on age of travelers visiting USA:
Age below 70 years, choice of insurance plans for tourist visiting USA

Ages 70-79 years, top insurance for travel to America

Ages 80+ years, best insurance for relatives/parents visiting USA