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Visitor insurance is not always a mandatory requirement for obtaining a visa when traveling to United States of America, Canada, Europe. However, one should not discount the fact that it is always required to be covered for the benefit of the individuals own health outside of home country. Purchasing visitor medical insurance for any travel outside of home country is needed for worry-free visit, even for a short-term duration. Lack of visitor health insurance coverage at the time of medical emergencies could become problematic, as this is needed to access health care systems in most of the western world. The importance of having visitor insurance is not fully understood until the unexpected emergency happens.

Visitors insurance covers unforeseen medical expenses due to accident or injury in the visiting host nation. It is necessary for you to show your visitor insurance identification cards if any health related emergencies occur for proper access to the right care at the right time. All those traveling to USA, Europe or Canada, or any country abroad, should opt for reliable visitor insurance so that any serious or medical problem can be immediately dealt with the protection the policy offers.

Visitor insurance plans include coverage for intensive care, hospital room, medical diagnostics, laboratory tests, prescription drugs, emergency medical evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment etc. Most comprehensive visitor insurance plans require the insured to pay a certain fixed amount towards the deductible, beyond which the plan reimburses all eligible medically covered expenses. With fixed benefit visitor insurance coverage, the insured is responsible for all the charges in excess of the fixed amounts offered for each type of medical service.

Many US consulates advocate the to have visitor health insurance for all visitors to USA. Visitors medical insurance is ideally purchased before your begin any travel outside your home country, but the policy can be issued even after the commencement of journey and while already in the host country. Visitors insurance companies have design plans to include many features which are indispensible as they cover medical expenses that can be quite substantial, especially when it involves hospitalization. Always clarify all the information of the various plans by carefully reading all the details available in the visitors insurance plan brochure.