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visitors insurance 101Visitor medical insurance (also referred to as visitors health insurance or visitors insurance) is a highly recommended and best form of visitor insurance required especially for visiting USA, or international travel to any foreign destination. Visitors insurance plan offers the visiting traveler or tourist with visitors medical coverage protection while visiting USA or during travel abroad outside home country of residence.

visitor insurance services With the increase in visitors to USA and other western countries by citizens of all foreign nationalities, visitors insurance is highly recommended considering the cost associated with health care in developed countries for visitors traveling to countries such as USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, etc from nations such as India, China, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Philippines, etc. USA Visitors Insurance review is important and available for every American visitor insurance plan requiring the necessary visitors coverage protection in the United States (U.S.) or Canada or for coverage in any foreign/international destination.

Visitors Insurance – Comprehensive Plans

Visit the following highlighted links to obtain more information on popular visitor insurance plans with comprehensive benefits that provide coverage up to the plan maximum benefit selected at the time of purchase of the plan.
NOTE: Policies that include coverage for the global COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus disease pandemic are marked: COVID-19 

  • Atlas America Insurance – Popular plan includes acute-onset or sudden relapse of pre-existing condition coverage for ages below 80 years. For ages 65-79 years, maximum coverage choices limited to $50K or $100K USD, with pre-existing condition coverage maximum limited to $50K or $100K.  COVID-19 
  • Patriot America Plus – Excellent policy has sudden relapse / acute-onset pre-existing condition benefits for ages below 70 years.  COVID-19 
  • Diplomat America Insurance – Comprehensive non-renewable plan, visit any doctor or hospital as no provider PPO network to stay within.  COVID-19 
  • Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Insurance – Comprehensive plan, acute-onset pre-ex condition covered, for up to age 89 and 364 days max duration.  COVID-19 
  • Patriot Platinum Insurance – Best comprehensive plan for visitors to USA or other nations, includes higher limits and liability coverage also.  COVID-19 
  • Atlas Premium Insurance – High-end comprehensive plan for visiting USA or intl. travel, see any doctor as no coinsurance to meet, liability coverage benefits, higher maximum limits for 80+ age w/ 20K max.  COVID-19 
  • Diplomat Long Term Insurance – Comprehensive long term plan, minimum 3 months purchase required, max 12 months, renew up to 3 years.  COVID-19 
  • Safe Travels USA Cost Saver Comprehensive budget plan for visiting USA, age below 90 can buy for 5 days min. & renew up to 24 months, unexpected pre-ex recurrence up to USD1000.  COVID-19 
  • Safe Travels USA Insurance – Comprehensive plan, covers unexpected recurrence of pre-ex condition up to USD1000, max duration of 1 year.  COVID-19 
  • Liaison Travel Plus Insurance – Policy w/included coverage for COVID-19 and acute/sudden onset/relapse pre-conditions, lowers benefit amounts for 70+ age.  COVID-19 
  • Patriot America Insurance – Value plan w/ no pre-existing benefits, suits healthy parents ages 70-79 years, maximum coverage limited to $50K USD.
  • Visit USA Insurance – Older non-renewable plan meeting the healthcare needs of USA visitors or tourists.
  • Liaison Travel Choice – Balanced plan includes acute or sudden onset pre-existing health condition included, lowers benefit for ages over 70 years.
  • Liaison Elite Insurance – Premium plan w/included coverage for acute/sudden onset/relapse pre-conditions, lowers benefit for ages 70 years and above.
  • Atlas Essential Insurance – Basic comprehensive plan for visiting USA or intl. travel on a budget, no acute-onset pre-ex coverage.  COVID-19 
  • Liaison Economy Insurance – Budget plan offering very low-end comprehensive coverage and value rates.
  • Patriot GoTravel Insurance – Basic plan similar to the Patriot America policy, but excludes repatriation or evacuation benefits.

Visitors Insurance – Fixed Benefit Plans

Visit the following highlighted links for more information on low-cost or cheap visitor insurance plans with benefits that are fixed or capped or limited or scheduled per the Schedule of Benefits or Schedule of Coverage as listed in the corresponding plan brochure:

Visitors Health Insurance – Need for Coverage

To have a safe and worry-free vacation, travel, holiday, or extended stay in any foreign country, it is very important that the tourist or traveler be adequately covered with a visitor insurance policy plan that includes accident and sickness coverage with international travel insurance protection from a reputed visitors health insurance provider. The premiums collected by the insurance company provider will pay for the injured or sick visitors medical bills if needed during your visit to a foreign country. You remain covered under the visitors medical insurance policy until you are paying the required premium for the plan. The usefulness of the visitor insurance policy is accounted on the basis of the method with which you subscribe to it. You can sign a plan to cover for parents, family or friends visiting abroad – outside of their home country or visiting USA on a valid US visitor visa (B-2 or B-1) stamping in your passport.

Visitor Travel Insurance – How It Works

Visitor insurance coverage is best purchased from the country you are planning to visit. Visitor insurance plan can be purchased with no medical checkup requirements, and most plans offer free quotes with instant same or next-day coverage. The main reason being it is advantageous to the traveler to obtain a locally networked visitors health insurance plan as they have in-network billing through a recognized preferred provider network (PPO). Make sure you join a visitors health coverage plan from a company who has office or center in the country which is to be visited. Though the premiums for such countries are higher, such plans are a better choice because of the convenience of claiming for your compensation, which is guaranteed in this case. The reason why it is convenient is that the doctors or hospitals in that country accept the visitors medical insurance cards of companies having centers in the country that is visited by the traveller.

Pre-existing conditions (defined as any health/medical condition that manifests and exists before the purchase of the visitor insurance plan) are determined by the physician or doctor who treats the individual who then submits a physician report as ordered by the visitors insurance company. Pre-existing conditions are generally excluded from coverage, and any claims submitted will be denied by the insurance company claims department, and this detail is normally listed in the plan exclusions section in the plan brochure. However, there are very few visitors insurance pre existing condition plans that offer limited benefit amount for certain pre-existing conditions such as relapse of heart attack, stroke, etc. It is always best to refer to the plan brochure for details of what medical condition is covered and what is excluded.

Visitor Insurance USA – Buy American Vs. Home Country Plan

The doctors and clinics are generally reluctant to accept the visitor insurance cards of some other country or certain medical institutes may not be familiar or associated with your native insurance providers. It becomes easy for the hospitals and clinics to get in touch with the home office of the company, if any problem regarding insurance policy arises. In the same situation, it would be difficult or even impossible if the insurance plan has been purchased with a company based in a foreign country or in the native homeland of the visitor.

Once America visitor insurance is purchased, the visitors medical insurance policyholder or insured member is sent an identification card (ID card is pdf document in email for online fulfillment which can be printed or paper ID cards that are sent in regular U.S. postal mail for offline fulfillment). This insurance I.D. card needs to be displayed for proof of coverage at the time of seeking medical assistance from a hospital, doctor, laboratory, or any other authorized medical care giver. The insurance company will furnish such a clinic or hospital with written instructions for the likely medical expenses that can be claimed under the policy.

Visitor Insurance – Compare Plans for Visitors to USA or International Travelers

International visitors insurance are limited lines travel plans for USA travelers, persons immigrating to the US, plans for parents, relatives or friends visiting the US, plans for U.S. citizens traveling, studying, working or living overseas outside the US, plans for international students for short-term travel. Quote, compare, review, rate, and buy / purchase a visitors insurance plan instantly online today, no medical check-up is required.

Visitor Medical Insurance USA – Plan Benefits

There are many providers of visitor insurance, most of them cover USA and overseas trips from as short as five days to as long as three years. There are many types of policies under the broad spectrum of visitor health insurance and these plans are broadly based on:

  • Plan Deductible (accumulated deductible over plan term, choose between $0 to $5000)
  • Maximum covered amount (varies from $25,000 to $8,000,000)
  • Covered benefit type (comprehensive coverage benefits or fixed scheduled benefits)

You can have different options or riders attached with each type of visitors medical insurance policy, including protection from risk of terrorist attacks or protection from risk arising from hazardous sports activities such as skiing, white water rafting, sky diving, etc. You can renew your policy upon your return trip, and some plans also provide end of trip home country coverage for a brief period.

Visitor Health Insurance USA – Coverage Details

Depending on your policy, you can have cover for any or all of the following benefits associated with visitors medical insurance. Some of the included plan benefits in visitors coverage are:

  • Common sickness ailments coverage
  • Medical emergencies and accidental injury
  • Ambulance support and associated fees
  • In-patient hospitalization charges
  • Sudden pain Dental appointments
  • Prescription drugs and medicines
  • Emergency medical evacuation covered
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Flight Accident or Common Carrier Death Benefit
  • Home Country Coverage on return
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Interruption

The cost of a visitors medical insurance policy depends on the age and gender of the insured person, the coverage level – comprehensive or fixed, maximum benefit amount, and the length or duration of stay in the visited foreign country. Different plans have different plan deductibles, which is the amounts that you pay before the insurance company pays anything for coverage benefit. These typically range from $0 to $2,500, with $250 usually being the standard deductible. Choosing a zero deductible policy rates up the premium costs. Comprehensive benefit plans typically have a co-insurance component, and these amounts also vary. Co-insurance is the percentage or amount of covered expenses that you pay after deductible usually to the first $5000 in incurred costs. So a plan offering a 10% co-insurance factor would typically incur a maximum out-of-pocket expense of $500 for the insured, if claimed amount is greater than USD5000. However, some visitor insurance plans offer wavier of any co-insurance amounts borne by the insured, provided the hospital, doctor, lab, or any other health care giver who treats the insured, directly bills the visitor insurance company for any charges incurred. Beyond the deductible and co-insurance amount, the visitors insurance coverage plan pays the associated medi-cal costs up to the plan maximum cover selected or insured during the purchase of the policy.

Travel Medical Insurance – Provider Network (PPO Network)

Travel medical and visitor insurance plans contract with nationwide Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks, and in some instances have contractual agreements with international health care networks also. Many plans utilize the services of large PPO networks such as UnitedHealthCare or First Health which provides national PPO network access and other cost containment programs to help visitors insurance companies manage visitors health insurance plans. By aggressive negotiations and acquisitions, the PPO network used has expanded rapidly all parts of the US / Canada, where any doctor clinic, laboratory, hospital or caregiver can be searched by zip code and sorted by specialty of medical service.

Group Travel Medical Insurance

Group Travel Health Insurance or Group Travel Insurance policies offer savings in the premium rate for groups of individuals visiting USA or traveling to an international destination. These plans are suited for non-US citizens who are traveling in a group and visiting the United States or traveling to any other nation outside home country. Group Travel Insurance also suits USA citizens who are traveling abroad as a group to any nation outside the US borders.

Travel Health Insurance – Claims Information

Most visitors health insurance plans require you to pre-certify any claims by calling the 800 toll-free number on the back of your ID card, and the visitor insurance plan administrators are available 24/7 365 days of the year. One your have used the medical services by presenting your visitor insurance plan details, your health care giver such as the physician clinic, laboratory, hospital, etc. will directly bill the visitor insurance company for the incurred claims, if they belong to the PPO network for your plan. Otherwise, you would pay medical charges yourself and submit a claim to the visitors insurance administrator by filling out a claim form. After this, any claim made, will be evaluated by the visitor insurance providers and it will make payments to the hospital or physician clinic or laboratory for the appropriate payments on your behalf, often called as cashless direct billing, or reimburse you the amount if it was paid by you.

The amount payed to these health care providers is based on the Usual, customary, and reasonable (UC&R) charges model in the travel medical/health insurance industry for health provider in your local zip code. UCR charges mean that the charge is the provider’s usual fee for a service that does not exceed the customary fee in that geographic area, and is reasonable based on the circumstances. Instead of UCR charges, PPO network plans often operate based on a negotiated (fixed) schedule of fees that recognize charges for covered services up to a negotiated fixed dollar amount.

Some travel insurance companies may also cover injuries under visitor health insurance which you may have to bear because of accidents, war or terrorist activities. Depending upon the visitors insurance review of plan, the visitor health insurance companies may either reimburse the costs you incur during the treatment or it can also assist to directly pay your bills at the concerned clinic, laboratory, hospital or caregiver. It is in the best interest of the visitor medical insurance company and the medical care giver to work with you to ensure that the claimed charges are settled.

Visitors Insurance Agent / Agency

Visitors health Insurance, which is a form of travel insurance or travel medical insurance or visitor travel insurance is mandated by law, and hence the prices are same and cannot be rebated i.e. you pay the same fixed cost for same plan product / optional riders, no matter if you buy direct from a travel insurance company, the visitor insurance providers, any visitors insurance agent, even if another visitors insurance agency claims to offer the cheapest quoted rates for any giver visitor insurance plan, or to carry the lowest cost, cheapest, best affordable quoted rate available for a given plan.

lowest price guaranteed on insurance quotes
Did you know that the premium costs are mandated by law, and you cannot find a lower quoted cost for any given policy and the same plan options selected, whether you purchase directly or through any agent/agency. Time to stop shopping and comparing around, and purchase with confidence a trusted and rated plan.

Visitors Insurance Conclusion

Visitor medical insurance offers a worry-free option for international travelers, friends/relatives or parents visiting USA or Canada or any other country out home country, any individual or family can travel abroad stress-free knowing that they are adequately protected for medical emergencies in a foreign land by buying a visitors insurance plan. Get a free visitors insurance quote today, read visitors insurance review of the plan information, read about the visitors insurance review with policy ratings, and visitor insurance reviews and rankings, but don’t have a second thought about the purchase a visitor health insurance plan for your next trip for visiting USA or traveling abroad.

Parents visiting USA or family traveling overseas, read all the visitors insurance review and be insured with a visitor medical insurance plan, Bon Voyage and have a safe, worry-free journey and enjoyable stay in America or any host country!

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