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Liaison Travel Choice Insurance

Liaison Travel Choice Insurance

Liaison Travel Choice is a comprehensive renewable plan for visitors to the USA or travelers outside home country, includes acute-onset of pre-existing condition coverage.

COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 / Coronavirus  Liaison Travel Medical plan does NOT include coverage for testing/treatment of COVID19 after  May 1, 2020. The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a global pandemic warning, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a level 3 travel warning to avoid non-essential travel.

Liaison Travel Choice Insurance provides protection to citizens of any nation when visiting USA or traveling outside America. Liaison Choice Insurance plan is a great insurance option for visitors to the United States and international travelers. Liaison Travel Choice policy is ideal visitor medical insurance for tourists and parents visiting the United States. Liaison Choice is renewable and and can be purchased for a total coverage duration of 364 days.

Liaison Choice Visitor Insurance offers medical coverage and emergency health services to individuals and families traveling outside their home country. Liaison Travel Choice Insurance is an ideal visitor health insurance for parents visiting USA and tourists and travelers to the United States.

Liaison Choice Travel Medical Insurance is an ideal visitor health Insurance for parents visiting usa and tourists to the United States. Liaison Travel Choice Insurance is administered by Seven Corners Insurance and is underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London and is rated A “Excellent” by A.M. Best.

Liaison Travel Medical Insurance

Liaison Travel Medical Insurance provides protection to citizens of any nation when traveling away from home residency country, plan offers renewable coverage with up to $5,000,000 in medical benefits, and is available in three plan options:

  • Liaison Travel Elite – Best comprehensive plan option, maximum up to $5 million, pays 100% within PPO in USA, renew up to 1092 days.
  • Liaison Travel Choice – Enhanced comprehensive plan, maximum up to $5 million, pays 90% within PPO in USA, renew up to 364 days.
  • Liaison Travel Basic – Economical comprehensive plan selection, maximum up to $5 million, pays 80% within PPO in USA, renew up to 364 days.

Liaison Choice Insurance Review

Visitors to USA or Intl. Travelers

Notes: Excellent policy with Covid-19 coverage for visitors to the USA, has sudden relapse with acute-onset pre-existing condition benefits for ages below 70 years. Non-renewable.

Eligibility: Any foreign resident individuals and/or family, above age 14 days, and visiting the USA only. The plan is available for both foreign nationals and expat US citizens visiting the U.S.

Coverage Duration: Minimum of 15 days to maximum of 1 year (365 days)


  • Member maximum limits: $50K to $1 million
  • Choice of deductible: $0 to $2,500
  • AD&D benefit: $25K (included), additional to $1 million

PPO Network: No Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network, consult any doctor or hospital for medical care.

Renew or Extend: Not renewable, purchase exact days of coverage necessary.

Other Highlights

  • Foreign nationals visiting the USA
  • Sickness/injury plans for visitors to America
  • Acute-onset of pre-conditions included
  • Quote & purchase online for single trip
  • Child alone without adult purchase allowed
  • Optional hazardous sports activity riders

Liaison Choice Insurance Policy Information

Liaison Travel Choice Insurance is suited for foreign nationals visiting USA or traveling to any other nation outside home country, and for US citizens who are traveling abroad to any overseas destination.

Liaison Choice Visitors Insurance plan highlights:

  • Liaison Choice Insurance is for non-U.S. citizens visiting the USA or for anyone traveling outside home country.
  • Comprehensive plan that provides up to US$5,000,000 medical coverage
  • Plan that offers US$50,000 of comprehensive coverage for persons of age group 70 – 80 years
  • COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2: NO coverage for testing/treatment after May 1, 2020.
  • Senior citizens age 80+ can get US$15,000 of comprehensive maximum coverage benefit
  • No PPO network, any hospital or doctor can be consulted
  • Coverage for age group of minimum of 14 days old onwards up to 80+ years
  • US$25,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits
  • Medical Evacuation and Emergency Reunion benefits included
  • Plan previously called Liaison Continent Insurance.

Liaison Choice Insurance Overview

Liaison Travel Choice policy is designed for relatives/parents visiting USA or international travelers going abroad to any foreign destination country.

  • Eligibility: Visitors to USA or international travelers visiting outside their home country.
  • Policy Maximum: Plan offers maximum coverage from US$50,000 to US$5,000,000 for the life of the plan. For travelers over 70, the maximum coverage is $50,000 and for 80 years and older it is $15,000.
  • Plan Deductible: Options of US$0, US$100, US$250, US$500, US$1000 or US$2500 deductible per certificate period.
  • Duration: Minimum period of 5 days to maximum period of 364 days.
  • Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions: Provides up to $30,000 for pre-existing conditions for non-U.S. residents younger than 70 years visiting the U.S. (age 70 & over, limited to $5,000)
  • Coverage Benefits: Covers Hospital Room and Board charges, Intensive Care unit charges, Local Ambulance, Physician visits, Surgeon Fees, Pre-admission tests and Hospital emergency room are covered, Diagnostics: X-Rays, Labs, Prescription Drugs included
  • Plan Brochure: Review the Liaison Choice Insurance Plan Brochure for policy details.
  • Claims Form: Download the Liaison Travel Choice Insurance claim form using Seven Corners Insurance Claims link.
  • Administrator: Plan is administered by Seven Corners Inc.
  • Underwriter: Underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London or by Tramont Insurance Company Limited.

Liaison Choice Insurance Plan Details

Liaison Choice Insurance plan provides visitor health insurance for non-U.S. citizens visiting USA and travel medical insurance for foreign nationals or American citizens traveling abroad, review plan benefit information, policy options, coverage details and quote, buy and purchase policy instantly online.

Liaison Travel Choice
Quote / Buy Liaison Travel Choice Insurance Online Liaison Travel Choice Insurance Quote
Plan Brochure Liaison Travel Choice Insurance Brochure
Coverage Period or Duration Coverage period minimum duration of 5 days and maximum length of 364 days (12 months)
Coverage Area Worldwide coverage ages with “Excluding” or “Including” the United States options available
Benefit Period 180 days (amount of time you have from the date of your injury/illness to receive treatment).
Maximum Medical Benefit Per Person Ages 14 days to 69 years: $50,000, $100,000; $500,000; $1,000,000; $2,000,000; $5,000,000
Ages 70-79 years: $50,000
Ages 80+ years: $15,000
Note: For ages 70-79 years needing worldwide “Excluding” the United States, medical maximum of $100,000 also available
Deductible Choices include: $0; $100; $250; $500; $1,000; $2,500, and $5,000.
Note: There is a maximum of 3 coverage period deductibles per family
Coinsurance Options For treatment received inside USA:
In PPO Network: 90% of the first $5,000, then 100% up to the Medical Maximum
Out of PPO Network: 80% of the first $5,000, then 100% to the Medical MaximumFor treatment received outside of the U.S.:
Outside the United States: Plan pays 100% of eligible expenses
Note: Co-insurance is applied per person per period of coverage
Hospital Room & Board URC Up to Plan Maximum.
Inpatient Hospital Services URC Up to Plan Maximum.
Outpatient Hospital / Clinical Services URC Up to Plan Maximum.
Emergency Room Services URC Up to Plan Maximum.
Doctor’s Office Visits URC Up to Plan Maximum.
Prescription Drugs URC Up to Plan Maximum.
Home Healthcare $2,500 Maximum
Local Ambulance $10,000 Maximum
Hospital Indemnity Applies outside the United States & Canada; $150 per day to a maximum of 30 days.
Coma Benefit $25,000 (in addition to Medical Maximum)
Claims Precertification Required in the United States
If not pre-certified, 25% penalty applies
Note: Penalty does not apply to emergency
Home Country Coverage Incidental Trips to the home country: Up to $10,000 for incidental trips to Home Country
Home Country Extension of Benefits: Up to $10,000 upon return to Home Country
Pre-existing Condition Coverage US Residents outside of the United States: Waiver of Pre-existing Conditions up to $50,000 for below age 70 (age 70+, up to $10,000). Emergency Services & Assistance limited to $25,000
Non-US Residents traveling to the United States: Acute Onset of a Pre-existing Condition up to $30,000 for below age 70 (age 70+, up to $5,000). Emergency Services & Assistance limited to $25,000
Dental Benefit Sudden Relief of Dental Pain: $200
Emergency Dental Accident Coverage: $5,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation Up to $1,000,000 (in addition to the medical maximum)
Return or Repatriation of Mortal Remains Up to $50,000 lifetime maximum
Local Cremation or Burial Up to $5,000
Emergency Medical Reunion Up to $200 per day / $50,000 maximum limit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Limits of $50,000 for insured or travel companion, $5,000 for dependent children, and aggregate limit of $250,000 all insured under plan
Note: In the event of a Common Carrier Accidental Death, this benefit will not be paid
Common Carrier Accidental Death Benefit $50,000 for insured or travel companion; $10,000 per child ; and aggregate limit of $250,000 all insured under plan
Hospital Expenses Hospital Room & Boarding charges, Intensive Care Unit & Expenses for Inpatient and Outpatient Care
Up to Usual, Reasonable & Customary (URC) to the medical maximum
Hospital Indemnity $150/night to a maximum of 30 days per occurrence, while traveling outside the U.S.
Note: This amount is paid for the hospital incidental charges, and separate from the hospital treatment expenses
Coma Benefit $50,000 (in addition to the medical maximum)
Political Evacuation Up to $50,000 lifetime maximum
Natural Disaster Benefit Daily Benefit Up to $100 per day for 5 days
Natural Disaster Evacuation Up to $50,000 lifetime maximum
Return of Minor Children Up to $50,000 lifetime maximum
Terrorism Coverage Up to $50,000 lifetime maximum
Felonious Assault Up to $10,000 (in addition to the medical maximum)
Hazardous Activities (Optional) Up to Plan Maximum
Loss of Checked Baggage Up to $50 per article / $500 per occurrence maximum
Trip Interruption $5,000 per occurrence
Personal Liability Up to $50,000 maximum
Worldwide Assistance 247/365 Seven Corners Assist service included
Plan Administrator Seven Corners Insurance handles all claims and policy administration services
Insurance Underwriter Lloyd’s of London, the oldest underwriter in the world. The plan carrier is Tramont Insurance Company in few locations where it is not underwritten by Lloyd’s.
Ratings of Insurance Company A.M. Best: “A” (Excellent) and Standard & Poor’s: “A+” (Strong)
Quote / Buy Liaison Travel Choice Insurance Online Buy Liaison Travel Choice Insurance

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is only a summary of Liaison Choice Travel Medical Insurance, be sure to read plan brochure for complete details.
The specified benefits is subject to change, always refer to the plan brochure and program summary or policy certificate for the latest information on the plan.
All coverages and plan costs are shown in U.S. Dollar amounts and are per person and per period of coverage unless otherwise noted.
To receive Evacuation and Return coverage benefits listed, all arrangements for services must be coordinated by Seven Corners Assist.

Liaison Choice Insurance – Plan Updates

Please review the Liaison Travel Choice plan updates to review the plan changes and enhancements.

Liaison Continent Insurance plan highlights and changes for 2012 are as follows:

      • Pre-existing Condition Coverage has an increased benefit for acute onset of a pre-existing condition based on the maximum benefit amount of the policy purchased.
        • If your overall medical maximum is $50,000, you will receive $50,000 towards medical expenses for of an acute onset of a pre-existing condition. Policy maximums of $100,000 will receive $60,000 towards acute onset. $500,000 policy maximums will have $75,000, and $1,000.000 policy maximums will receive $100,00 towards an acute onset.
        • The $25,000 lifetime maximum evacuation coverage for non-U.S. citizens traveling to the United States remains the same.
        • The Liaison Continent plan shall pay up to $25,000 (Age 70 and older, up to $5,000) subject to the chosen deductible and coinsurance, for covered expenses resulting from a sudden, unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing Condition while traveling outside the United States and Canada.
        • This benefit does not include coverage for known, scheduled, required, or expected medical care, drugs or treatments existent or necessary prior to the effective date of coverage.
      • Liaison Continent now includes new added benefit for:
        • Terrorism Coverage Usual, Reasonable and Customary up to $50,000 Lifetime Maximum.
        • Political Evacuation Up to $10,000.
        • Natural Disaster Up to $200 per day for 5 days, for replacement accommodations if you are displaced due to a Natural Disaster.

Liaison Travel Choice Insurance - Plan Brochure

Review the Liaison Travel Choice Insurance Brochure which is common for all the plan types: Economy, Choice or Elite.

Liaison Travel Choice Insurance - Plan Certificate

Read the plan exclusions and policy description of coverage details in the Liaison Travel Choice Insurance Certificate.

Liaison Choice Insurance PPO Network

Liaison Travel Choice plan has an extensive USA based and international PPO network of doctors, hospitals, labs, and other caregivers.

Liaison Choice Insurance - Quote/Buy Online or Apply

Quote/Buy Liaison Travel Choice policy instantly online or print/complete the paper application along with the payment.

Liaison Choice Insurance - Renew/Extend Coverage

Liaison Travel Choice coverage duration can be extended or renewed to a maximum period of 364 days. A $5 renewal additional fee apples for each renewal application.

Liaison Choice Insurance Client Dashboard

Liaison Choice America plan client resources for existing policy holders to renew coverage dates, print ID cards, get the proof of coverage letter, submit claims, and more.

  • Client Dashboard: Access the Liaison Choice America Plan on the IMG Client Resources dashboard for existing policyholders.
  • Claim Form: Download and submit the Liaison Choice America Plan Claim Form along with your bills and other supporting documents on the IMG Client Resources dashboard for review and settlement.

Liaison Choice Cancellation & Refund Rules

Below are the rules pertaining to cancellation of the policy and refund of premium.

  • Prior to Effective Date: If written email request is received by the plan administrator prior to the effective date of coverage, the paid premium is refunded minus a $25 cancellation fee.
  • Active Policy: After that effective date, the premium is considered fully earned by the plan administrator and is non-refundable. Even if you have no claims with the current active policy certificate, partial refunds are not available with this policy.

Liaison Choice Insurance Plan FAQ

Below are some of the questions frequently asked with the Liaison Choice Insurance plan gathered over many years:

What are the common terms used in the Liaison Choice plan?

Medical Maximum, Deductible, Coinsurance are commonly referenced

Medical Maximum is the maximum amount covered under the policy, the plan will pay up to that amount should you need to use the plan by see medical care with the doctor, urgent care, or hospital, etc. Deductible is the amount of medical expenses which the insured person has to meet and cross (accumulated amount) before the plan pays. Higher the deductible selected, lower is the premium cost for the same medical maximum coverage selected. Coinsurance is the percentage amount of covered expenses, after the deductible, which the insured person pays, and applies only for the first $5000 beyond the deductible. Usual, Reasonable & Customary (URC) is for amounts that is actually payed out in the even of a sickness or injury claim. This is based on the local costs for treatment of that same type of claim.

Did you know that the premium costs are mandated by law, and you cannot find a lower quoted cost for any given policy and the same plan options selected, whether you purchase directly or through any agent/agency.