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Factors to Consider When Purchasing Visitors Insurance

Visitor medical insurance shields you from the financial burden when you or a visiting family member is hospitalized while visiting USA, or traveling to any other nation. Your domestic or home country health insurance policy will not cover outside the national borders of your home country. Parents who are visiting their close ones in USA or planning to stay for even a short-term in a foreign country can stay covered with an visitors health insurance. The period of visitors insurance coverage varies form five days to nearly a year. Tourists visiting the United States of America such as relatives or parents visiting USA, business persons coming to America, or anyone planning to visit outside home country needs to review the points below before purchasing visitors insurance.

When purchasing visitors insurance coverage, you should always consider many of the factors listed below:

  • The reliability of the insurance provider company. This is one of the foremost answers to seek for questions such as – Does it treat people fairly? Does it pay claims promptly? Does it have staff to answer your questions and resolve problems?
  • Deductible amounts. Most insurance policies require you to cover part of your health expenses yourself (your part is called the “deductible”), before the company pays anything. Under some policies the deductible is annual, and you pay only once each year if you use the insurance. Under others, you pay the deductible each time you have an illness or injury. In choosing insurance, you should think carefully about how much you could afford to pay out of your own pocket each time you are sick or injured and weight the deductible against the premium before you decide.
  • Co-insurance or copayment. Usually, even after you have paid the deductible, an insurance policy pays only a percentage of your medical expenses. The policy might pay 80 percent of all eligible medical expenses out-of PPO network. For example, the remaining 20 percent, for which you are responsible, is called the coinsurance or copayment. Thus, if you were injured and incurred $3,000 in medical expenses, a policy with a $0 deductible and 20 percent co-insurance would cover $2,080 (80 percent of $2,600).
  • Maximum coverage benefit. Most travel health insurance plans offer a choice of maximum coverage amount, but it is also limited by the age of the to-be insured traveler or visitor. It is always prudent to buy adequate coverage if one can afford the plan premium payment as having the required coverage helps to protect for the high hospitalization costs abroad. Also be aware that age groups over 80 years are usually offered a limited maximum insurance limit as noted in the plan brochure.
  • Fixed benefit vs. comprehensive coverage plans. Fixed benefit or scheduled benefit plans are a cheap and low-cost visitor insurance plan option, but offers limited coverage as specified in the plan brochure under the Schedule of Coverage section. The comprehensive benefit plans look expensive when just comparing costs, but also offer better coverage and cover all medical conditions that are not excluded up to the chosen maximum benefit amount.
  • Specific limits. Some policies state specific dollar limits on what they will pay for particular services. Other policies pay “usual” or “reasonable and customary” charges, which means they pay what is usually charged in the local area. Be very careful in evaluating policies with specific dollar limits; for serious illnesses, the limit might be far too low and you might have large medical bills not covered by your insurance.
  • Lifetime/per-occurrence coverage maximums. Many insurance policies limit the amount they will pay for any single individual’s medical bills or for any specific illness or injury. Exchange visitors must have insurance with a set maximum for each specific illness or injury, which may be enough for most conditions. Major illnesses, however, can cost several times that amount.
  • Coverage Benefit period. Some insurance policies limit the amount of time they will go on paying for each illness or injury. In that case, after the benefit period for a condition has expired, you must pay the full cost of continuing treatment of the illness, even if you are still insured by the company. A policy with a long benefit period provides the best coverage, this needs to be determined before purchasing visitors insurance.
  • Policy Exclusions. Most insurance policies exclude coverage for certain conditions. The J regulations require that if a particular activity is a part of your exchange visitor program, your insurance must cover injuries resulting from your participation in that activity. Read the list of exclusions carefully so that you understand exactly what is not covered by the policy before purchasing visitors insurance.
  • Pre-existing Conditions. Many insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. If you arrive with a condition that will need medical attention, verify the pre-existing aspect of the policy that you are reviewing. Ensure clearly what is excluded before purchasing visitors insurance.

Visitor insurance factors for comparison of policies are easy to decide between by keeping these factors in mind. When finalizing plan selection for purchase, you can use the compare visitor insurance webpage to easily navigate the suttle difference in these plans. Be sure to consider the importance of buying a visitors health insurance plan for you and your family when preparing to travel to another country. No matter where you travel takes you, protect yourself and stay healthy with affordable visitor health insurance that allows you to feel confident that your health will be covered in a medical emergency in the US or any nation abroad.

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Medical Insurance for Visitors to Any Country

Travel outside home country can be a wonderful and memorable experience, provided you are not unfortunate enough to become ill or suffer an accident in the visiting host country. If you are visiting USA or planning to travel outside your own country, not purchasing adequate visitor medical insurance coverage could be a very bad decision. Not only could an unfortunate health-related event end up costing you a fortune, it may even put your wellbeing into serious jeopardy without the ability to access proper medical care at the right time. Today, visitor health insurance has never been so easy to find and affordable, so buying a policy gives a lot of peace of mind also.

Before choosing any visitor insurance for your parents or relatives visiting USA or any other country, it is better if you check out by comparing the benefits, coverage options, and price plans offered by different insurance companies. There are several visitor health care providers that cover certain pre-existing conditions under life threatening situations. You do not have to visit the sites of the enumerable mark and note the advantages and price attached, you can simply compare medical insurance plans provided by various insurance companies using comparison tools web on You can get quotes on plans chosen by you and just pay using a credit or debit card, some plans also accept a check payment.

Visitor insurance should not be confused with travel insurance, although the two are related. Medical insurance for visitors is a niche offering under the general category of travel insurance. Although some of these other offerings may cover limited medical expenses, visitor medical insurance is exclusive as it that offers travelers the most extensive coverage for emergency hospitalization charges incurred during their stay in the U.S.

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Medical Insurance for Visiting USA

Medical insurance is a necessity for people visiting America, as the cost of medical care is sky high, especially when it is compared with the costs of similar care received outside America. Whether you are an individual or traveling with family on a holiday, or looking to buy visitor medical insurance for your visiting parents or relatives, or a business person on a short term visit meeting a client in the United States, you need visitor health insurance to cover you for sickness or injuries in USA.

There are two types of visitor medical insurance coverage, fixed benefit plans and comprehensive coverage plans. And you need to decide what type of visitors insurance coverage you want and how much of visitor insurance maximum to buy. If the insurance is for a person with pre-existing condition, both Atlas America and Patriot America Plus offer benefits for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. To bring down the premium, you have to opt for a higher deductible. In unforeseen expenses, which can run in thousands of dollars, higher deductible would be a small expense in comparison to your total expenses.

Visitor insurance plans can be bought from outside the United States as well as in the USA. The advantage of buying a plan from outside the U.S. is that it is cheaper. But filing a claim could be a hassle as with its acceptability with doctors and hospitals in America. Buying a plan from USA is a bit costlier, but has the advantage of simpler claim processing, and you need to be worried about its acceptability also.

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Visitors Medical Insurance, Compare Plans and Buy Online

A visitors medical insurance plan is not always mandatory for USA visitors and visitors travelling to the United States of America (USA) or Canada, however it surely is practical and prudent to compare visitor insurance plans offered by various visitors health insurance providers and buy visitor medical insurance online to cover self, parents, relatives and other visitors to USA from accidental injuries, medical emergencies due to sickness, illness or injuries while visiting USA or any foreign country.

Visitors insurance, or travel medical insurance, can easily be purchased online on Some important factors to keep in mind when browsing for visitor medical insurance plans include deciding whether or not to determine a fixed benefit or comprehensive coverage plan, the duration of the plan term, the maximum covered amount, and the deductible amount. Optional benefits called as riders is also available in many visitors medical insurance plans for additional cost. Additional unexpected death and dismemberment coverage, scope for adventurous sports, and additional coverage for injuries due to acts of terrorism can be added to an existing policy on the deposit of an extra premium. The premiums change with the age and gender of the insured, and the policy deductible selected. For someone who is not old and whose health is in good condition, choosing a higher deductible can lower premium costs.

Visitors health insurance benefits that are not protected by an ordinary visitor medical insurance plan include pregnancy, regular check-ups or wellness visits to a physicion, vision and dental care, experimental and alternative medicine, and pre-existent conditions. However, there are a handful of plans that offer acute onset of specific pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies are graded by A.M. Best and Company, and it is appropriate to look for the insurance company’s A.M. Best classification before purchasing any visitor insurance policy.

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Visitor Insurance for Visiting USA

Visitor Insurance USA covers visitors to USA and travelers visiting America or anyone visiting outside their home country. Compare visitor insurance plans online and buy visitors insurance instantly for next day cover. Over the past decade, the number of visitors from India visiting the USA has increased. Along with this situation, health care system in the United States of America has become expensive compared to the past decade. Staying in the US uninsured is a risky step for foreigners. Medical emergencies can occur to anyone, anywhere and any point of time. To be on the safer side it is always advisable for travelers to purchase a proper visitor medical insurance USA before start of the journey.

You are visiting the United States, which is an expensive visit. But a medical emergency during the stay can upset the entire planning and hike up the expenses for the stay. One way of ensuring that this does not happen is to buy a visitors health insurance plan. Visitors to the US from all over the world can buy visitor health insurance, which offers medical insurance to persons visiting the United States for a limited period. The insurance is usually valid for a maximum of 12 months. Some plans can be extended up to 36 months if the stay is extended.

Visitors insurance USA can be bought online even before traveling to the U.S. However, it is advisable to purchase the insurance only after receiving the visa and buying the ticket. Insurance coverage begins on the date indicated on the US Visitor Insurance card, and cannot be earlier than the date of arrival in the U.S.