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Visitor Insurance for Parents

Visitor insurance for parents offers medical protection coverage for visiting parents and relatives, especially if visitor to USA and western nations. It is very important for visitors to the United States to be covered under a visitor health insurance plan as costs of medical care are high. This is true if parents who visit USA are from countries such as India, China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, etc. and come to the US to meet their children, family or friends for a short duration on a US visitor visa.

Visitor medical insurance can be confusing due to the overload of information and terms used. To make the entire process of understanding the coverage benefits and to purchase visitor insurance onlin for parents, one needs to review and evaluate the various visitor insurance plans offered for non-U.S citizens visiting USA. These travel medical insurance plans are relativly in-expensive compared to a major hospital bill for an emergency visit, and offers reliable coverage that is underwritten by well known US based companies with all claims handled and administered in U.S., which is good since they are regulated.

Visitors health insurance plans have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of visiting parents. They can be utilized in the U.S as well as other countries. Many policies allow the insured to use doctors and hospitals in a US based PPO network, where direct billing may be possible. Typically, medical charges and hospital costs due to illness or injury occurred in USA or any other foreign country are covered under these plans, which can be easily bought prior to travel or even during the travel period in the visiting host country. The time period or duration can range from 5 days to a year, however longer-term plans are also available to new immigrant parents or other family members.

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Buying Visitor Medical Insurance Coverage A Good Idea

Visitors to USA or anyone traveling to other nations outside home country is on the rise with globalization and proliferation of the international lifestyle. It has now become common for younger folks to seek a vocation outside their domestic borders, sometimes even settling in a foreign land. This leads to separation of close knit families and the only way parents, in-laws, or other relatives spend time with their kith and kin settled in developed countries like USA or Canada is bring them as short-term visitors.

Many other new immigrants, business folks and other individuals also visit USA for a short term, one thing is common in terms of the need for medical coverage for protection during health emergencies. Everyone loves to travel to distant nations including America at least once in life, or even on subsequent visits. But as life can be full of surprises and no one can predict accurately when and where such a mishap can happen, it is wise to be prepared for such incidents that is beyond the visitors control. Visitor medical insurance is a major way that visitors to USA or international travelers to secure their health and can prepare for the unexpected. Weather you are visiting USA, or Canada, no matter where the destination country is, it is important for travelers to protect themselves from possible medical mishaps during a journey.

Domestic health insurance plans cease to be effective outside national borders, but health risks still remain beyond these borders. Furthermore, many western nations have an expensive medical systems when compared to cost of care in nations like in India, China, Brazil, Russia, etc. It is then imperative then that where medical care is expensive, it is wise and prudent to be insured with a visitor medical insurance plan. This way, your travel budgets will be in control, and that costs do not spiral out of control.

I is common for smart travelers to always buy visitor medical insurance from a company in the destination country, rather than opting for a policy from a home country provider. This not only makes sure that the plan acceptability is not in question, but also ensures all claims are handled fairly in a easy and smooth manner. It has been widely documented that many non-US based companies that sell visitors insurance as lower costs make it difficult for the host country doctors and hospitals to accept unknown foreign health insurance plan. In the hour of a medical emergency, it puts the insured in a very difficult situation as he or she needs to run pillar to post and scramble to assure the provider that they have the required coverage. In extreme situations, this many force the insured or other family or friends to pay medical bills out of pocket until a reimbursement from the home country company can be arranged.

Visitor medical insurance is relatively easy to purchase online on Also, if the country of choice is a popular destination such as USA, one can review and buy a top rated plan that offers a wide array of features at competitive premiums. On, it is easy ways to get quotes or compare different policies with competing plans. A visitor insurance policy is for short duration requires relatively little information from the traveler, no medical check-up is required or any proof of health records to be eligible to buy a policy. Typically, a passport number is what binds the individual to policy, this is what most providers require of travelers as they complete information on the application. This highlights the fact for anyone traveling to a foreign country should do their best to protect their health by investing in visitor health insurance.

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Best Visitors Insurance for Parents visiting USA

Parents visiting USA from countries like India and China has increased in recent years with the advent of the jet-age. In this scenario, it is necessary to find the best visitor insurance company providing top coverage in America for senior visiting parents, older aged relatives. One of the basic requests in the quest to find the best visitors insurance is that it has to have the most extensive and maximum benefits with minimum quoted premium costs. There are many visitor insurance providers in USA and also in other countries, which provide visitors health insurance for visiting parents and helps any parent guard against high medical costs in the visiting country.

There are many America visitor insurance providers that offer the best plans with top-notch benefits and very low cost visitor insurance providers in USA and you have to do an extensive research before buying any policy, due to hidden factors and fine print that may be difficult to understand by a layman. Read the plan details for right information available in the brochure on insurance products, as there might be hidden conditions or exclusions which you might not be aware of by just glancing through. Make sure all your required needs are covered in the visitors insurance plan and check the quotes form the insurance company directly. If you come across cheap visitor insurance plans, check the policy as you might end up in more co-pay or may not cover all the diseases or conditions. has listed the best visitors insurance plans from different companies to choose from, based on experience and interview from talking to many visitors and new immigrants and other residents living in USA and purchasing plans for visitors to USA.

  1. Atlas America Insurance is a popular visitor medical insurance for visiting parents and relatives in USA. Atlas America Insurance is for non-American citizens and is one of the popular insurance providers for parents, friends, relatives and tourists visiting USA. Atlas America visitor insurance plans have coverage for emergency medical evacuation, natural disasters, complications of pregnancy and many more. Atlas provides benefits through its wide PPO network. Atlas has many plans for international visitors and in some cases they offer free insurance for dependents child.
  2. Patriot America Insurance is designed for USA visitors and travelers and is popular in USA immigrant comunity. Patriot America visitor insurance offers coverage for a minimum of 5 days to 1 year. They are perfect fit for anyone seeking short term benefits such as students, parents, friends and relatives visiting USA. Pre-existing conditions are not covered in the Patriot America plan and a minimum of 3 months needs to be purchased to be eligible to renew the policy in the future. For even better features, consider the Patriot Platinum America Insurance which adds additional features to the Patriot America Insurance plan by providing up to $8,000,000 of maximum coverage benefit with enhanced features and services, and includes pre-existing condition coverage with age restrictions, also offers global concierge and assistance services.
  3. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive provides visitors coverage protection to parents who are citizens of any nation when they are traveling away from home, and is an ideal insurance coverage option for visitors to the United States and international travelers. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Insurance is renewable and offers up to $1,000,000 in medical benefits.
  4. Safe Travels USA Cost Saver meets the needs of USA visiting parents and tourists to USA. Safe Travels USA Cost Saver visitor insurance offer comprehensive visitor health insurance benefits and provide access to network of thousands of international doctors and hospitals in its First Health network.
  5. Diplomat America Insurance is for non-US parents and relatives visiting USA. Diplomat America visitor insurance offers coverage for persons age 80 or older and are eligible for Plan A with US$50,000 maximum benefit. Diplomat America Insurance provides accident and sickness medical coverage, travel assistance, and accidental death and dismemberment benefits to foreign nationals while visiting the United States.
  6. Visit USA Insurance is one of the oldest plans and offers coverage for visiting relatives for a duration of a minimum of 15 days to a maximum period of up to 12 months, and benefits are available per incident/illness (each indident or accident in the plan duration is covered to the policy maximum selected), and the policy can begin as early as the next day.
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Visitor Insurance for Parents or Relatives Visiting USA

If you are planning this year for your senior parents visiting USA, or other relatives travel to America even for a short term duration, consider seriously getting a visitor insurance policy also. During their stay in America, you may do sight seeing tourist locations around the United States, or even incidental trips to Canada or Mexico on a vacation, or just chill out with them and family in your town or city in America. But no one wants this family experience ruined if these aged visitors fall sick due to an unexpected health emergency involving a visit to the hospital or emergency room for dire medical conditions whilst in the USA. This could also be due to a road accident or even a fall due to slippery surface when actively participating in one of the aforementioned events, so this injury can also lead the individual in serious conditions to the hospital or urgent care facility.

Health emergency can strike anyone visiting USA or any other foreign country, and can happen anytime, no one can plan ahead to put off such emergencies. So a visit to the hospital becomes in-evitable and one can only hope that they receive the required care and treatment to see their loved ones recuperate back to original health as when these individuals were when them came to visit you. But much of health care in the United States or elsewhere in the western world is expensive for even routine care or for more advanced procedures needed for diagnosis and treatment of your parent or relative who is in the hospital bed. In extreme cases, access to care can be curtailed or limited without proper proof of health coverage for visitors such as an insurance I.D. card showing the tool-free number through which the doctor offices or hospital staff can verify coverage with the insurance provider. But the most important thing then is the accessibility of care and immediate treatment given to the visitor and sorting of all financial concerns later.

Under these situations is when visitor medical insurance has an important role to navigate the health care system in America. Health insurance for visitors to USA provides accident and sickness coverage for all visitors who enroll in a plan, therby offering the worry-free advantage of medical protection in such dire situations. These visitors insurance plans can be purchased by anyone on behalf of any visitor, related or not, and can be broadly classified as low cost fixed benefit policies or affordable comprehensive coverage plans. There are many available plans that offer many benefits and include features such as pre-existing condition coverage in acute onset relapse situations, offering significant benefit amounts even to those visiting individuals who may have had a heart surgery or stroke in the past while in their home country.

To wade through all the various visitor insurance plans and products from the different travel medical insurance providers based in the US, one can get overwhelmed and sidetracked by barrage of marketing and product information that one stumbles upon these days. This limits your sincere ability of finding and picking the best visitor insurance poilicy that aptly meets your visitors exact needs and coverage requirements. helps you discern all these plans in a nutshell and points you the exact visitor health insurance that you are looking for at the budget that you have allocated.

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Visiting Without Insurance, Know the Risks

Many overseas citizens plan on visiting USA at any given time, they give a lot of thought in advance about getting the US visitor visa necessary to gain legal entry at the United States port of arrival, the choice of airline for flight tickets, the gifts they plan to buy their near and dear ones they are visiting in the United States, and what clothes and other personal items they need to pack for their stay while in America. But one important item in the checklist which is often commonly overlooked, is to buy visitor health insurance which they might personally need in the event they become sick or injured while in the U.S. This post discusses in detail the travel medical/health risks for anyone planning on visiting USA without a qualified visitor medical insurance plan.

The USA offers any visitor an enchanting experience with a wide choice of places to visit and sights to see. But also, it is important to remember that for the uninsured visitor, access to medical services and cost for healthcare is not going to be cheap. It widely reported on the internet that how just a 2 hour visit to the hospital emergency room in USA resulted in medical bills in excess of USD 12,000 for an uninsured person. Also, the new Affordable Care Act which was declared constitutional by the US Supreme Court in June 2012, requires all US residents to purchase and carry provide proof of health insurance coverage for themselves and their families. The same law does not clearly state if visitors to USA, to also, by mandate purchase visitor medical insurance, however many US consulates and consular missions abroad may require temporary visitors to the U.S. to be required to show proof of health insurance coverage from U.S. based health insurance providers before they will be issued a US visitor visa. Also, in terms of enforcement of the law, U.S. immigration officers at airports and other ports of entry in USA may also start randomly asking some of the visitors to USA if they are medically covered for their duration of stay.

Even if the current law does not fully mandate health insurance for visitors traveling to the U.S., the financial and medical risks associated with any travel to USA as an uninsured individual does not go away. Every uninsured visitor needs to be fully aware of all such risks, even if one chooses to visit the USA without insurance. Remember that facing catastrophic illnesses or an accident as an uninsured visitor to USA may lead to a scramble or failure to raise the much needed funds to get medical treatment and attention in the needed hour of health crisis. Many Indian, Chinese, Russian, Brazilian, Mexican and other senior citizens, such as elderly relatives or parents visiting USA for the first time or subsequently on a multiple entry US visitor visa, have a predisposition towards diabetes and high blood pressure, and this may factor to the complications and cost of medical care also.

It is always prudent to alleviate such financial and health risks due to access to medical care by purchasing a visitor medical insurance policy from a US based provider. Given the fact that with so many choices of visitor insurance plans that are very affordable, costing around a dollar a day for visitors coverage, gives a compelling reason to not carry the risks on one’s own shoulder. Visitor medical insurance plans are broadly made of fixed benefit plans, which have caps on the maximum amount of coverage for each medical condition, and a comprehensive coverage plan, which covers most medical conditions up to the selected maximum coverage. Both policy types allow its members to choose from a wide network of doctors, hospitals, laboratories, urgent care facilities, and other caregivers, or even from out of the PPO network. can help you find the best suited policy the meets your requirements and coverage needs.

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Visitor Medical Insurance for Parents or Relatives

Visitor Medical Insurance for Parents or Relatives is necessary for visiting USA or travel outside home country, several plan choices from Many people find that understanding Visitors Medical Insurance can be a challenging process because there are numerous insurers with many different kind of plans, different deductibles, various coverage options and restrictions. Purchasing a plan that caters to your needs is not always easy. You can actually make your decision making process easier by taking advantage of the tools offered by the insurers’ website. It can help you to compare all major insurance plans, get free instant travel quotes and purchase a plan that best meets your specific needs.

To make the entire process easier for parents, there are various visitor health insurance plans offered such as Visitor Medical insurance, Visitor Health Insurance and Non-U.S Citizen Insurance. These plans are very reliable as they have been underwritten by well known companies and all claims regarding them can be administered in U.S. These plans can be purchased online and a wide range of people can benefit from them.

Many of the visitor health insurance plans have a PPO network associated with them. This network offers a huge choice of clinics, hospitals and medical professionals for the insured individuals to seek medical assistance. In case of exigencies, the parents can contact the helpline number given in the visitor health insurance policy document.

Many insurers have offered the option of purchasing a visitor health insurance online and this can get very misleading for many people because they thought that they can get immediate visitor health insurance coverage online. You should be aware that Visitor Health Insurance policies may establish a certain waiting period before it covers pre-existing conditions which are health problems you had before you bought the insurance, as long as the waiting period is reasonable by current standards set by the insurance associations.

Parents can choose from a wide range of visitor medical insurance plans depending on the frequency of visits in a year and the duration of stay. Short-term and long term visitor health insurance plans are designed for less than or more than 12 month stay respectively. In case parents are planning for multiple visits, annual multi-trip international visitor medical insurance plans help you save a lot of money on your premiums.

Medical emergency is a situation when a life-threatening medical condition existed, or the lack of medical attention would endanger his or her life, limb or sight and requires immediate medical treatment or has painful symptoms requiring a relieve to suffering or discomfort. Many Travel Health Insurance plans focus on providing coverage for your medical expenses resulting from sudden illness or injuries during your trip, with many policies covering trips from seven days to 3 years.

All the needs of visiting parents are included in visitor’s health insurance plans and they are valid in the U.S as well as several other countries. Most of the policies provide for a facility according to which insured people can utilize the services of doctors and hospitals present in the U.S and can also avail the facility of direct billing.

Visiting parents can also choose between fixed and comprehensive coverage plans. The premiums are calculated based on the age of the individuals, duration of stay and type of coverage.

Visitor medical insurance plans are designed to cover all expenses due to illness or injury in a foreign country. Parents can choose to purchase these plans either before the travel or during the travel. Purchase options are available from 5 days to three years.

Visiting parents can scout around the internet for beneficial and affordable choices of international visitors insurance for parents plans. Many websites provide the rating about the insurance provider as well as feedback of other buyers about the fastness in the processing of claims, experience in handling emergencies and the financial stability. Instant free quotes can be requested online to compare the coverage benefits and also find out the premium costs.

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Importance of Visitors Medical Insurance for USA

Visitor medical insurance is slightly different from regular health insurance that USA residents and people living in the country of origin have for themselves. With the advent of the age of jet travel, a lot of people are traveling outside their home country borders these days. In addition there are thousands of people who immigrate to other countries to settle there for various reasons. In these situations, parents, friends and family visit them during their various life stages, hence it is always prudent for the hosts who sponser the visitors to USA to ensure that the health of visitors and visitor health insurance coverage for the duration of the stay abroad. Medical insurance that the passenger has in his country of origin does not provide coverage when someone falls ill in a foreign country is protected for the duration of stay. Visitor medical insurance fills the gap by providing medical insurance coverage for travel outside the country of residence.

A visitor insurance is a must, especially when traveling to USA, Canada or European countries as this is because the high cost associated with medical care. Expenses incurred in countries like India, China, Russia, etc is very low compared to the cost of treatment in these western countries also due to the sophistication and large medical facilities that are available for the service. Visitor health insurance becomes absolutely required if you need to avoid such extreme costs of treatment. If you are a tourist and are visiting someone in particular in the United States, is even more important to have a visitor health insurance, especially if you plan to stay for longer periods of time. Visitor medical insurance will ensure the security of your savings as expensive hospital visits can drain the same.

Getting the right medical insurance visitor can be a problem in itself, because of the different plan choices available and sorting through the avalance of marketing out there. Visitor health insurance depend on things like that are set with the insurer and if he or she traveled earlier in USA or Canada and if so, for what duration were present last visit. The benefits of insurance varies from person to person according to age limits and gender. There is a separate insurance for those who are older than a certain age of 70 years, often with reduced maximum benefits.

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Visitors Insurance For Parents Visiting USA

Visitors insurance for parents plan will provide parents or relatives visiting USA with coverage for doctor’s consultation, emergency medical payments, hospitalization charges, in and out patient charges, surgery, or any laboratory charges such as blood tests, prescription drugs. It is very important to consider all the benefits before you purchase any visitor medical insurance plan. It is essential to note that these visitor insurance plans do not cover the pre-existing conditions, however certain policies provide coverage for acute onset or sudden relapse or recurrence of an existing medical condition that has been under control, age and other restrictions apply. Please review the plan brochure in depth to read up on the policy exclusions as many chronic conditions are excluded from coverage.

Importance of Visitors Insurance for USA

For visitor to USA, the importance of visitor medical insurance for all foreigners who are visiting America even for a short-term is well documented, but also needs to be understood. The reasoning behind the purchase of a visitors insurance plan is deal financially the unexpected health emergencies to self or a family members due to an accident or injury. This applies equally to business travelers, international students, or holiday travelers, expats traveling, thus it is prudent to buy visitors insurance policy to stay medically protected and gain the required medical assistance access at the right time.

Make yourself aware of all that your visitors insurance policy will offer coverage for. Take into account the money that will be expended for premiums, deductibles, co-insurance and out-of-pocket costs. Try to select a visitors insurance plan that fits your financial situation and requirements, along with your budget. It is very important to consider all the benefits and features offered before you purchase any visitors insurance plan. Compare all plans from several providers to discern the available features in each policy.

Visitors Insurance for Indian Parents Visiting USA

If elderly parents from India, China, or other relatives and foreign nationals are visiting USA or plan to visit USA from any other country, visitors insurance for parents visiting USA provides protection for medical emergencies, hospital visits, and common sickness during their stay in the United States of America or any other nation outside home country.

There are many available plan choices for visitors to consider for themselves or for a visiting parent, in-law, relative or friend. Popular plans include Atlas America, Patriot Platinum America, Atlas Premium, Patriot America Plus, Patriot America Lite, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive, Safe Travels USA Cost Saver, Diplomat America Insurance, Visitor Secure, or Visitors Care plans. All these plans can be reviewed and purchased instantly online with no medical check up needed or any proof of medical records requirements. Upon purchase, an email will be sent instantly to the entered email address with links for ID cards or proof of coverage, which can be easily printed. Purchase visitors insurance and enjoy your travel and stay in America or any other nation.

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Visitor Medical Insurance for USA Travel Coverage

Visitor medical insurance has become the way to protect oneself or family and even friends visiting USA or any other country from the perils of high cost of care due to a medical emergency. By purchasing well-rounded visitors health insurance coverage, these risks can be mitigated, allowing you or family members to travel worry free.

If you are traveling from a distant land to America or Canada, and are unaccustomed to the weather and temperatures, you would surely encounter some difficulties. Many travelers find themselves falling ill and unable to cope with the health costs even for a routine flu that could get serious. You can avoid such situations and be better prepared for the sake of your health and finances with a visitor’s health insurance plan.

If you are going on an adventure trip involving skiing, trekking or any other sports then you can also have sports coverage rider included in many plans for these active sports as well. Some policies will automatically cover multiple sports part of the standard features included, in others you have to pay extra and include as an optional rider. This makes sense to first evaluate your need to see what you need and not just pay for too additional features that you will not need. There may also be a facility for an emergency reunion where the family members of the injured or diseased are reunited when something goes wrong during the trip.

It is usually best to start the coverage before you leave for vacation; the best approach is to start coverage on the actual date of departure. Wait until you get your passport and other papers in order before you apply for visitor medical insurance. When you have begun to get your visa processed or while planning your trip, contact your insurance provider or health care providers to get advice on what sort of visitor coverage would be good for your specific requirements. In case they do not provide international travel medical insurance coverage that you can obtain online on A visitor’s health insurance plan reduces the underlying stress and tension so that your international travel experience will be memorable and free of troubles and worries.

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Visitors Medical Insurance For Parents Visiting USA

If you or your parents, in-laws or other elderly relatives are planning to travel to the United States of America or Canada, then you need to review best and buy good quality, affordable visitors insurance. The health care services and medical expenses for treatments in developed countries such as the US are very high. Hence, it is all the more important for visiting parents to obtain visitors medical insurance coverage to ensure that suitable cover for medical emergencies well in advance, saving your parents from getting into financial hardships due to medical bills and hospital charges in the event of admission into a emergency room or the in patient ward of a hospital.

Why buy visitors medical insurance for parents

Planning is essential while buying visitors health insurance for parents, and it is advised to purchase the same when the entire trip has been planned out along with getting the visitors visa and buying airline tickets. Forgetting or avoiding to buy visitors medical insurance for parents can later because a problem, with the risk of an uneventful hopitalization in the visiting country. This can cause unnecessary financial hardship and worries even for the host family abroad. A visitors medical insurance plan needs to be purchased for your parents since immigrants and visitors are not eligible to for domestic US health insurance plans. It is also advantageous to maintain the legal status and validity of the visa of your parents while visiting aboard with a good visitor insurance plan, which is of great help in case of any medical emergencies and claiming is a very easy and simple process. Visitor insurance plan benefits for parents include hospitalization expenses, intensive care treatment, in-patient surgery, hospital ward admission, ambulance services, medical evacuation, etc and lot more. Take time to read the insurance plan brochure policy document to understand the schedule of coverage and plan exclusions.

Process to buy visitors medical insurance for parents

The process to buy a correct visitor insurance plan for relatives or parents can be quite a task even for many folks living in any other nation. There are so many visitors insurance plans with insurance terms and insurance industry references that can be a hard to comprehend. By seeking the help of online visitor insurance guide and an resourceful visitor insurance agent, one can navigate the maze and pick the best visitors medical insurance for parents visiting USA.

Popular visitors medical insurance for parents

Some of the popular visitors medical insurance for parents which offer excellent coverage benefits in USA.

The best visitor insurance plan suggestions are as follows:

Age below 70 visiting USA

Ages 70-79 years visiting USA

Ages 80+, visiting USA